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(Non-faith based paid position. Currently not accepting applications. 6 months H & H volunteer work required.)

How the H and H Outreach Worker was developed:
In 2013  Marriese Jones Sr. founded Hedges and Highway Outreach Ministries. Built on Marriese’s own life experiences, passion for outreach for restoration of people and communities and his strong work ethic, Hedges and Highway Outreach Movement was birthed.

What the H and H Outreach Worker are:

  • An international association of married and single people

  • Serve as outreach workers,

  • Full and part-time, with the passion to go to the highways and the byways of the world, meeting the needs of people and communities with unusual passion and love which is contrary to the standards of the world. 

The timing is right for the H and H Outreach Movement as although society on a global level has become the most advanced in technology, communication and diversity, we are a people that are more hopeless than ever before.  Whether it is a breakdown of true community, a loss of the family, an increase in hate crimes and racism, a loss of generations of youth, mass incarceration, or an increase in a generation of people finding themselves homeless, H and H Outreach Workers will be moving with intention across the nation with an approach in outreach to reconcile, redistribute and relocate both people and communities. Hedges and Highway Outreach Movement is unusual in its scope as outreach workers serve the nations through transforming services and a global partnership of hope. 

H and H Outreach Workers show the H and H Mission to the World:

The mission of H and H Outreach Workers is to demonstrate an unquenchable passion for loving people as human beings with uncommon kindness.  These two pillars of passion and kindness define the love in which H and H Outreach Workers serve in every community and city in the nation.  Through the efforts of loving people with passion and kindness, H and H Outreach Workers seek to restore peace (holistic restoration) to people and communities through mission based outreach based on centered approach, which seeks to develop an outward reach of restoration, outside of any walls.  H and H seeks out and embraces the collaborative efforts of all who have the vision and the call to be involved in restoring communities across the nation.  H and H embraces the best leaders and minds in the world, seeking to engage them in this important restorative movement of reconciling, redistributing and relocating people and resources for the benefit of rebuilding America.

The H and H Outreach Worker as the Restorative Arm of H and H:

  • An H and H Outreach Worker is the restorative arm of the H and H Outreach Movement, however we will never forget that we are first and most importantly the voice to the voiceless, the hope of the hopeless and eyes of to see those that society has no longer chosen to see.  The H and H Outreach Worker will tread any territory to bring the message of freedom, restoration and favor to the people. This is the life and the work of the H and H Outreach Worker. 

  • H and H Outreach Workers are radical in the goal of reconciling people and communities with love, caring and hospitality.  The special mission of the H and H Outreach Worker is to work for those that are pushed to the sidelines in any community.  By seeking to transform the lives of all types of at-risk men, women and youth, H and H Outreach Workers provide life and paths for people to become reconciled in hope, transformed in resources, and productive citizens in their communities. 

  • H and H Outreach Workers serve all without presumptuous attitudes toward the marginalized and seek with whole-hearted efforts to know and understand the existence of the struggling in their life contexts.  Committed to the communities we serve H and H Outreach Workers live among the people they seek to restore, to understand their needs and render immediate and concrete help to those in need.  By building on the H and H way, outreach workers utilize every capacity made available to them, honestly listening to the people with understanding and concern and having a disposition of love and hospitality.

  • H and H Outreach Workers do not impose faith or force belief, but be very humble and courteous in their way of dealing with their neighbor, demonstrating unconditional love to people.  H and H Outreach Workers are committed to not engaging in arguments, quarrels, or unnecessary discussions that could cause division.   H and H Outreach Workers do not rely or become anxious to see the fruits of their own work, but do everything they can trusting that in time the seeds sown will produce a harvest.  H and H Outreach Workers do not accept or initiate works which are not in harmony with the nature and the purpose of the H and H Outreach Movement.

What is the Job Description of an H and H Outreach Worker?

As an H and H Outreach Movement, the active H and H Outreach Workers and H and H Aid Network Volunteers form one organization that serve the people in the H and H professional career of outreach.  The H and H Outreach Workers are full or part-time workers that are paid from the Hedges and Highway Outreach Ministries by sustainable micro-enterprises that are created for and by H and H Outreach Movement for the purposes of rebuilding communities at risk.  

 H and H Outreach Movement uses a unique and specific model of economic sustainability for their organization that is right for the times in which we live.  Completely relevant in our solution based approach, H & H chooses to operate sister sustainable businesses to build the H & H communities and to completely fund H & H Outreach Worker salaries.

Therefore, H and H Outreach Workers split their work efforts between local H and H micro-enterprises and the local H and H Outreach Movement.  H and H Outreach Workers will work part-time at H and H sister micro-enterprises and part-time directly in outreach mission for the community in which they are assigned. 

Salaries for H and H Outreach Workers:
The salaries for their work will be higher than the average industry pay to compensate for the work hours that they are serving in outreach mission.   The choice to build businesses to fund H and H Outreach Worker salaries was intentional for these purposes:

  • H and H’s own founder Marriese Jones Sr. demonstrates in his life story the importance of training the next generation to embrace a dedicated, high work ethic.  By building solid, sustainable businesses in each H and H community, H and H lives its founding beliefs, that the creation of meaningful jobs for the people is how this country was built and is at the heart of American society.

  • The original plan of H and H leaders who designed the H and H Outreach Movement represents a deeply held belief by all in the organization that meaningful and sustainable job creation is at the heart of restoring people and communities. 

  • By providing sustainable and successful micro-enterprises that first employ H and H Outreach Workers part-time, H and H is able to infuse top leadership (from selected H and H Outreach Workers) into each enterprise that will have the goal of developing indigenous leaders in each community.  Following H and H’s ten year plan of community rebuilding, each micro-enterprise will eventually become a full-fledged H and H Life Center sister business that will provide community jobs, training, leadership opportunities to the people in which it operates. 

  • By providing areas for H and H Outreach Workers to become employed part-time, H and H retains and develops the important talent of the outreach workers, being able to invest in their own development and celebrate their skills.

  • By providing areas for H and H Outreach Workers to become employed part-time, workers are not carefully overworked and able to develop live healthy and productive lives for themselves and their families.

  • By providing areas for H and H Outreach Workers to become employed part-time, H and  H Outreach Workers are able to embrace H and H’s core belief that people and communities are restored by not only meeting the needs of the people but by providing direct opportunities and paths for long-term, economic sustainability. 

  • H and H Outreach Workers have the joy of directly impacting the communities in which they work by developing the leadership in those areas of local people in the businesses in which they serve.

  • H and H Outreach Workers are given the joy of serving the communities on multiple levels which increases career satisfaction.

  • H and H Outreach Workers are able to provide for their families in real ways that work, proving that H and H does not ask its staff members to become underemployed and needy in order to have a career that serves the needy. 

  • H and H models healthy work and life goals for communities by first requiring that they are lived out by H and  H staff.  H and H leads by example.

H & H Outreach Workers lead in all areas of their local field work including H and H Life Centers, community restaurants, bakeries, café’s and coffee stores.  H and H Outreach Workers lead outreach efforts, recruit, train and manage H and H Aid Network Volunteers and the H and H Life Center Homes that serve the needs of the people.  H and H Outreach Workers have complete coverage of health and life insurance for themselves and their families. 

Conclusion and the H and H Way:
The first person to lead by example for the H and H Outreach Movement is founder Marriese Jones Sr. After working in outreach for over 10 years, Marriese could see that the need for the outreach worker was great.  Marriese predicted that the field of outreach would soon become a profession. Committed to providing a formal organization that would train and develop the profession of the outreach worker, Marriese worked 3 jobs simultaneously for years to launch Hedges and Highway Outreach Ministries in the Denver Metro area.

Today H and H Outreach Workers are highly respected professionals who are changing lives across the nations by reconciling, redistributing and relocating people and communities. H and H Outreach Movement provides outreach career opportunities to the nations turning the field of outreach into a formal profession.  

Aid Worker Volunteer 
(Non-Faith based volunteer)

The H and H Aid Network Volunteers are volunteer workers sent from each community area in which the H & H Life Centers operate.  Once Hedges and Highway Outreach Movement begins to select a community at risk to rebuild, the H and H Aid Network Volunteers serve alongside H & H Outreach Workers on a part-time basis only. 

H and H Aid Network Volunteers are trained to learn the “H and H Way” to reconcile people and communities & redistribute resources to with the purpose of teaching outreach and to serve people together in their communities for complete transformation.
Volunteer Candidates to become an H and H Aid Network Volunteers must be:

  • Sufficiently mature to adopt the H & H Way of Life

  • Guided by a right intention

  • Healthy in body and mind, therefore able to bear the hardships of this special missi

  • Able to acquire the knowledge required to serve the people and each other as an H and H Aid Network Volunteer

  • Of a cheerful disposition

  • Able to exercise sound judgment

  • Full of common sense

Volunteer Candidates will be encouraged to have completed their high school education or GED and to come and serve for 2 weeks in a “Come and See” Experience.  Please contact H and H Outreach Movement Headquarters.


To apply for any of theses positions
Elizabeth McLaughlin
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