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Our Way . . . 

"The H and H Way" A 2 fold approach!

3 Phases of Engagment conducted:
for every H and H Life Center & urban renewal

"By Conducting the 3 Phases of engagement EVERY TIME, H and H is consistent & measurable with results"

-H &H Board President

Phase I: Reconciliation Phase (Goal 1-3 Years)

Reconciling Marginal People (Homeless, Mentally Ill, At-Risk Youth, Elderly)

  • Food Banks

  • Clothing Banks

  • Shelters (The Marriese House)

  • Referrals

  • Shower Facilities

  • Veteran Services

  • Chaplain Services

  • Counseling Services

Reconciling Social Problems Facing Minorities (Single Families, immigrants & non-English speaking persons, unemployed, ex-felons, teen moms)

  • Nutritional Wellness Programs

  • Child and Family Wellness Programs

  • Education and Job Skill Training

Reconciling Families

  • Marriage Education

  • Pre-Marital Classes

  • Family Life Conferences

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Marriage Counseling

  • Support Network 

  • Resilience Training for Life Skills (Active Life and Resiliency Skills Program)

Reconciling Men's Program

  • Warriors for Christ Men of Action

  • Men's School and Housing Options

  • E-School for Men in transition from 

  • GMU (George Mary University) for Men

Phase II: Redistribution Phase (Goal 3-5 Years)

(Education & Strategic Intervention taught at Life Centers)


  • English as a second language

  • Spanish as a second language

  • GED classes

  • Family Health Classes

  • Hygiene

  • Nutrition

  • Safety

  • Emotional Healthcare

  • Disease (Aids Prevention)

  • Dental Hygiene & Prevention

  • Pre-natal education & care

  • Esther Institute for young women

  • Culinary Certification Programs

  • Career Development Centers

  • Home Improvement

  • Workshops for Development

  • Libraries

Health & Wellness

  • Child Health Assessments

  • Crisis pregnancy counseling

  • Immunizations

  • First Aid

  • Identification & Intervention with vulnerable children

Leadership Development

  • Mentoring Institute

  • Coaching Center

  • World Class Small Business Training Resource Center

  • Gen Next Leadership Training for Women

  • Future Leaders of America Men's Foundation

  • Executive Entrepreneurship Program for Future Business Men of America

  • GU School for Women (Global University for Women)


Phase III:

Relocation Phase

(Goal 5-10 Years)

Integration into the Community of 4 business models

  • An establishing presence of Anointed BBQ & Soul Food (Run by Community Leaders)

  • An establishing presence of McLaughlin Family Bakers & Confectioners (Run by Community Leaders)

  • An establishing presence of Groh & Beck  Family Deli (Run by Community Leaders)

  • An establishing presence of MoLiz Coffee House (Run by Community Leaders)

Integration into the Community 2 Higher Education Schools

  • An establishing presence of GMU for Leadership Education for Men (GeorgeMary University)

  • An establishing presence of GU for Women (Global University for Women)-training women leaders

Integration into the Community 10 Small Businesses

  • For men or women, 10 micro loans available for GU and GMU graduates through yearly Business Plan Competition to launch 10 viable small businesses

  • The complete assimilation of the local H and H Life Centers to be run by local leaders (Projected goal of 10 years)

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