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A Vision Worth Fighting For

H and H adopts the "Centered Set Approach to Missions"
It was Paul Hiebert who talked about community using set theory: bounded sets and centered sets. 


The Vision of H & H - Life Centers

If the red circle in the image above represented the main H and H hub in each urban community, then the smaller white circles would represent all of the entities that make up an "H and H Life Center".  These smaller white dots are the crux of the life centers and are H and H businesses, food banks, clothing banks, as well as our missionary and global partners of HOPE (our sister outreach entities).  H and H acts as the linch pin..the glue...the attractive force that pulls everyone together.  We see a need in an urban area, we establish our main presence in our headquarters and we get to work...connecting the people...adding services and encouraging people to come together in unison to create ultimately a LIFE CENTER!  We believe in bringing together talent, impacting communities and doing this with a 50 mile reach and 10 year plan.  This is the vision of H & H!

Initiative I:
H and H Life Centers communicate the holistic vision of Hedges and Highway Outreach Movement by incorporating Marriese Jones, Sr.'s mission of building community.  Through H and H Life Centers, at-risk urban communities are rebuilt and redemption becomes a reality for people and places.  

First H and H Life Center Sheridan Colorado:

H and H is thrilled to be building our first H and H Life Center filled with our esteemed Global Partners
in Sheridan Colorado 

Partners that are a part of this Life Center and the reconciling movement of H and H are:

  • Anointed BBQ & Soul Food Restaurant (An H and H community restaurant: Set to open 2016)

  • Caring & Sharing Ministry (A Hedges and Highway Partner)

Leading the Way . . .

The Second Vision of H and H:


Initiative II:

The second vision of H and H Outreach Movement is the training & mentoring arm that is offered. Marriese (Mo) is already busy at work spreading the vision and H & H way of outreach!  Mo has spoken as a guest speaker with Colorado State in October of 2015.  He is passionate to share his vision of outreach.

H and H is a leader in the launching of outreach as a field of study.  Committed to working with the best in the industry, H and H gathers data and compiles it with outreach experts.  H and H is responsible for offering the first H and H Nationwide Outreach Conference in the fall of 2019.  The conference will be simulcast globally in anticipation of hosting the first
​ H and H Global Partnership of HOPE conference within the next ten years!


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