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Our Structure

Our Structure for Reconciling
​People & Communities

"Attitude reflects leadership"

H and H structure 

"In order to rebuild people, H and H must first meet the physiological needs as seen in Maslow's Hierarchy"
​-H and H

Research used by H and H teams to develop models of outreach

A Model of Community Development

For urban communities this model is used by H and H based on John M. Perkins research.  Perkins has been a leading authority in the Christian Community Development Association, World Vision and Prison Fellowship.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Using the added spiritual component as the true  foundation, Maslow's model is world renowned and therefore a solid base for the H and H Model of Outreach.

A Model of Outreach utilizing mission services that brings reconciliation, redistribution and relocation

H and h utilizes work from proven mission experts in mission engagement, such as The Shaping of Things to Come by Frost and Hirsch and Deep Church by Jim Belcher.  H and H is an evidence based approach to urban mission engagement within the urban areas in our communities.

U.S. Army Strong Bonds Teaches Resiliency

H and H values the teaching of resiliency training taught by US Army Strong Bonds.  H and H has adapted this model to fit urban communities.

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