Hedges and Highway Outreach Movement is a designated 501 (3) (c) and has the vision to serve urban communities through a multitude of transformational services.

Hedges and Highway strengthens other outreaches in our communities creating networks which form our global partnerships of HOPE.  Committed to empowering people with love, care, spiritual encouragement and education, we feed the natural and spiritual body with well-balanced food. 

The H & H design model selects specific ways to approach, systematize and produce results in every urban community that we operate.

Hedges and Highway Outreach Movement is:

  • Mission Oriented in approach (we use the Centered Set approach to outreach)

  • Strategic and Measurable in our systems. (We always utilize the 3 phases of community engagement to address the 3 core values of community development in every area that we operate.)

  • Reconciling, Redistributing and Relocating people and resources help make the  "H and H Way" consistent as we work with people and communities. 

The Vision: Who We Are

Hedges and Highway Outreach Movement establishes outreach within urban communities at risk.  These unique outreaches are multi-faceted and together create the H and H Life Centers of Reconciliation, Redistribution and Relocation to make the transformational services  tangible. 

The H and H Life Centers are collaborations of services and entities with the ultimate goal of restoring peace to depressed urban areas.

Our Mission: 

Hedges and Highway Outreach Movement is an unusual outreach. Our goal is to serve the nations through our transformational services and a global partnership of HOPE.  As we transform the lives of the homeless men, women and youth, H & H Outreach Movement gives PATHS for people to become productive citizens in their communities.  Using a proven results oriented approach, H & H uses the creation of new employment opportunities and increased education to make these changes in people tangible.

As we transform the people, H  and H communities of HOPE emerge proving that H & H is UNUSUAL in outreach.  H and H has a global focus.

Our Story . . .