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Our Reach

Three Phases of H and H Engagement 
10 Year Goals

1 New Center (H and H Life Center Community in an urban area) per year for years 1-5

3 New Center per years 5-10

5 New Centers per year 10-20

Projected 70 New Centers in U.S. in 20 years

First 5 H and H Urban Life Centers
Denver Metro (Sheridan Colorado)
Cape Town, SA
​Malawi, SA

The Broad Range Benefits for Communities which host H and H Life Centers

Every person who encounters a community that has an H and H Life Center is impacted positively as every community where an H and H Life Center is in operation is changed.  H and H is committed to leaving communities better than before we arrived.  Founder Marriese Jones, Sr. is committed to the vision and to the call to go to the highways and byways of the world.  

H and H Life Centers will be the HUB for outreach movements that have no walls and places no limits on the positive impact it will make in the world.

H and H Life Centers will be known from city to city!  People everywhere will come to know when H and H has taken residence in a urban area, because radical transformation will be visible.

H and H Life Centers have created a model that is morphed from several other models of success.
 H and H's formula of leadership combines 30 years of expertise from founder Marriese Jones, Sr. who has worked in every aspect of the field of outreach with other proven models of mission success.  Therefore H and H is unlike any other outreach available today, having a strong foundation of proven results.

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