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Marriese A. Jones, Sr.

“Mo”  founded Anointed BBQ & Soul Food Restaurant at 2504 W. Hampden Avenue, Sheridan, Colorado 80110.

He founded and owns Hedges and Highway Outreach Ministries, Inc, a nonprofit that operates in the Denver, North Florida, Birmingham and soon South Africa.

Marriese brings more than 30 years of expertise in the field of food, outreach and entrepreneurship. He is educated and experienced in the field of economic community sustainability. Specifically, Mo has worked with the organizations of The Salvation Army, The Denver Rescue Mission and Aurora Mental Health, expanding the PATH homeless initiative for the Aurora Metro area. PATH is Aurora Mental Health’s outreach program that was largely non-existent before Mo took hold of birthing the PATH program in Aurora. He has been a business entrepreneur and owner. His past successful ventures include a catering company, a mobile ribs restaurant, seven ice cream trucks and a moo envisions additional restaurants in his future portfolio that will provide avenues for income for the communities which he serves. He has developed a culinary certification program that raises people from poverty to become self-sufficient and successful. Mo has certificates in outreach that add to his qualifications. He has seen wealth from his organization’s revenues and he has experienced homelessness where he worked three jobs to bring his family back to a state of financial wholeness, therefore he can relate to people on every strata of the economic continuum. 

 Marriese A. Jones serious about the call of God on his life,  ministry and business. On founding H&H, he knows that  it conveys the purpose for his life. Marriese saw that everything in his life  led him to this perfect point, where he would lead an organization that reveals a life calling, rather than a mere job.

His passion, from the time he was a little boy, has been to care deeply, to the point of action, about the welfare of human beings. As a child, he fought and protected the weaker children. Growing up, he learned to live on his own at the age of only 13. Even then, he can remember cooking for people and inviting them to his apartment to feed and care for them. Today this is his life. His non-profit has a mission: “Hedges and Highways Outreach Ministries:” An Unusual Outreach that Serves the Nations through transformational services and a global partnerships of hope.”

Marriese is excited about the progress for those he serves (with H & H) and for his treasured legacies, his many children and grandchildren. His vision is contagious and his leadership solid.  He has visions for public policy and to continue his path of being a change agent for the world around him.

Mo has spoken as a guest speaker with Colorado State in October of 2015. He is passionate to share his vision of outreach. His non-profit is based on his call to this ministry as seen in the Scripture of Luke:14:23 “And the Lord said unto the servant, ‘ ‘Go out into the highway and hedges and compel them that my house may be filled.’”

Book: Forty Years in the Wilderness: The Making of a Man

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