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Elizabeth "Liz" McLaughin

Elizabeth has long had an interest in food and nutrition.  She began in her professional career in Denver, Colorado as a District Manager for Starbucks Coffee Company.   After establishing that district of coffee stores, she ventured into working with organic retailers such as Alfalfa’s (now Whole Foods) and was soon asked to take her expertise to teach doctors and pharmacists about professional natural medicines that replaced traditional pharmaceuticals. After raising two daughters on organic and hormone free foods, her interest expanded into communities at risk and the health advantages that exist with those that can provide nutritious foods to their families. Through her 30 years in business, sales and customer care, and her love of business, Elizabeth raised two daughters as a single mother, while building a top sales business for women which spanned 26 states.  This sales career became a leadership platform for Elizabeth and as she climbed the ranks of Mary Kay Cosmetics, her highest year in 2009, when she was accepted into 5 countries and earned over 100,000 in revenue.  She ranked in the top ½ percent of the company, earning every car available to her for 15 years, totaling 9 company free cars, one being the prestigious pink Cadillac. 
Elizabeth holds a degree in Restaurant and Hotel Management from Purdue University and has done research on food and nutrition for mental health, especially in communities at risk where the availability of nutritious foods is lacking (food deserts).  Determined to be an answer to this issue, Elizabeth with her friend and business partner, Marriese Jones,  launched a million-dollar restaurant and non-profit organization to serve an at risk community in Denver, Colorado (with zero capital) in 2015, to bring healing food to the people.  Today, Elizabeth intends to be a part of universal “call” for a new generation of farmers: those operating small organic, sustainable farms, including women.

Elizabeth believes that women are uniquely “cut out” for the field of agriculture and always have been.  Elizabeth states that there are women in countries across the world are known for supporting families through small farming and we in the US should be no different.  Elizabeth believes that women are perfect for the field of farming and can find great fulfillment in the large responsibility and role of food production (agriculture) for their families, communities and the world.  Elizabeth has been operating H & H non-profit organization that serves communities at risk in Colorado and Florida.  Within that structure, she relocated from the Denver area where she spent the last 27 years, to expand Hedges and Highway Outreach Ministries, Inc. to include a non-profit farm and ranch in the North Florida area, which will serve to move forward the next generation of new farmers and ranchers.  The first 2 projects will involve veterans and troubled youth.  She is passionate about the future of sustainable agriculture across the global map and how that impacts poor cultures and nations internationally.  
In 2017, Elizabeth completed writing and publishing her first book.  Her second and third book will be published before the year 2020.  Elizabeth was invited to speak at the WEF conference in South Africa and London on the topics of the future of women in agriculture: (the new frontier) and although her schedule would not permit travel this last year, she looks forward to engaging audiences abroad in the near future.  A great adventure is awaiting her this year as she travels South Africa to meet with dairy farmers and breeders of her the Mashona cattle that originated in Zimbabwe and will be on the farm that will  open in Florida. Additionally, Elizabeth will meet with a women owned coffee farm in the country of Mzuzu, to talk of exporting coffee beans from their farm in a Fair Trade arrangement and see how H & H can aid communities in Malawi with building schools.
Elizabeth believes that women should not be left out of this great agriculture movement and she is committed to be on the forefront of challenging women to be a part of leading the way in the food justice issues that threaten our world.  Her goal is to see a record number of women and girls own their own farms and ranches and to develop higher education opportunities worldwide for women and girls to become educated, trained and mentored in this field.  Elizabeth feels privileged to bean be a small part of the feeding of the expected 10 billion people by the year 2050.   

Second (Upcoming) Book! "The Cows That Saved My Life: The Mission of a Woman Dairy Farmer"

Contact Elizabeth for your upcoming speaking engagements or inquire about her women & business coaching sessions.
Office: 720-586-2134

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