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The HOPE Center

What is The HOPE Center?


The HOPE Center is a one -stop center…outreach re-imagined. A location that serves the community with multiple programs and services that go beyond a traditional doctor's clinic or health store. It is a gathering place, a community hub, a place for leaders, a place for training, a place for the youth, programs for the elderly, workshops on topics that you always want but can never find. A place resource center, a gathering place for hot meals, food giveaways, teen church or a teen a place where you may find counselors giving of their time and resources for FREE to the community.


  • Health & Wellness...small groups…classes & workshops…culinary training…a mission school…community supported agriculture…a volunteer room…Veteran nights…youth groups... women and men’s groups…. business classes…teen programs…stay safe kids programs…senior groups…peer specialists…behavioral health...Safe Space for teens

Additional Services of The HOPE Center:

The HOPE Center encourages all that have a passion for a specific program or wish to hold community classes, meetings, or programs, to contact The HOPE Center!


The HOPE Center is here to help you or your company design community programs, provide conference space (complete with free coffee service, water and snacks for your meetings). Times are available on a first come, first serve basis and all are encouraged to book early!


The HOPE Center is meant to be an outreach to all our youth in the community, with intentional programs collaborated between The HOPE Center staff, local libraries and school programs. We want all our youth to know this is a place that can be a resource and a helping hand.


The HOPE Center will provide help to teens at risk with weekly and monthly events.


The HOPE Center will be a resource educating women in many areas through The Executive Women’s Forum (EWF), GU (Global University for Women) and WHO (Women of HOPE) which will provide free services, conferences, trainings, mentoring, college-level classes, an institute for financial security, a parenting center, nutrition department and so much more! We must strengthen the women of our communities to help them be better & grow to be the best they can for their children & empowering women all over.


The HOPE Center will offer college level classes for the public in The HOPE Center FREE University, FREE Strength and Health coaches, cooking classes, agriculture, business and entrepreneurship, mentoring…just to name a few! We are committed to IMPACTING communities in North Florida. We will be featuring community teachers and leaders with varying credentials.


The HOPE Center has economic initiatives that change both urban and rural communities. At The HOPE Center there are initiatives for (a) Early learning readiness in reading comprehension for Pre-K through 6th, (2) issues with rural hunger & food insecurity, (3) Small sustainable farming, how the return of young farmers that will directly affect the upcoming feeding crisis predicted by and slow money in sustainable agriculture.


The HOPE Center has the help of several different sponsors already. Besides North Florida Pediatrics, The HOPE Center is has been supported by The Home Depot of Lake City, Walmart of Live Oak, and The Pregnancy Care Center in Live Oak...


The HOME Depot of Lake City is also a Title (Building) Sponsor and is building out The HOPE Center “Backstage Volunteer Room” and providing refrigeration/appliances for the building. The Home Depot organization has supported many building endeavors of H & H over the years. The HOPE Center allows a creative outlet for The HOME Depot 2020 Community Project which will allow the center to serve many teen, veteran and community groups.


All have been such a wonderful help and support through the Grand Opening and entire process! We are so proud to be among the supporters who are helping The HOPE Center begin and grow! We can't wait to see the IMPACT that The HOPE Center will bring to our communities!


Sundays: The H & H Church at Noon:

The H & H Church at Noon happens EVERY Sunday at The HOPE Center followed by a FREE Dinner, homemade by Chef & Center Director Marriese Jones.


Food Boxes will be given out each Sunday at 2 PM from either the Center or from The HOPE Center /The H & H Outreach team "hitting the streets" with necessities in tow!


All are welcome and especially for a FREE plate of food weekly! You do not even have to come to the service to come and eat, Jones says! Dinner plates are ready about 1:30 PM.


At The HOPE Center, a central hub of services are provided to the tri-county areas of Suwanee, Hamilton and Columbia and even further services can be utilized by the unique opportunity for “extension offices” to be available to counties of Duval, Dixie, Gilchrist and Levy.


  • Hedges and Highway Outreach Ministries, Inc, (commonly known as H & H), already operates in Denver, Colorado; Birmingham, Alabama; Miami and Orlando, Florida; and just recently launched Cape Town and Malawi, South Africa. The central office of H & H is now at 101 Ohio Avenue North, Ste. A, Live Oak, Florida at The HOPE Center location.

  • The HOPE Center functions having main campuses with EXTENSION offices made possible by sponsoring businesses that believe in real community change and impact. These companies desire to enhance and extend their company philanthropy outreaches to be more relevant to the areas in which they operate. NFP decided in 2020 to be one of these businesses!

  • It is believed that these “future- forward” companies will increase their own employee satisfaction by creating creative and important areas for employees to IMPACT their communities, grow in skills and express their leadership capabilities. Employees take pride in being a part of something larger than themselves!

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