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Faith Based, part-time and full-time paid positions. (Applications being accepted now.) 

How the H and H Global Missionary was developed:
In 2013, Marriese Jones Sr., founded Hedges and Highway Outreach Ministries. Built on Marriese’s call to this ministry and to God’s command to him to fulfill the Scripture of Luke:14:23  “And the Lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highway and hedges and compel them that my house may be filled, the Hedges and Highway Outreach Movement ( a subsidiary of the ministry that represents the action piece of H & H) was birthed.

This movement, known as the Hedges and Highway Outreach  Movement, relies on H and H Global Missionaries.  

H and H Global Missionaries are:

  • An international association of married and single people

  • Serving as outreach missionaries,

  • Full-time, with the passion to go to the highways and the byways of the world, serving with unusual love for the people which is contrary to the standards of the world. 

What the H and H Global Missionary is based in Today:
The timing is right for the H and H Outreach Movement as although society on a global level has become the most advanced in technology, communication and diversity, we have become a people are more hopeless than ever before. 

Whether it is a breakdown of true community, a loss of the family, an increase in hate crimes and racism, a loss of generations of youth, mass incarceration, or an increase in a generation of people finding themselves homeless, Global H and H Missionaries will be moving with intention... across the world with an approach in outreach to Reconcile, Redistribute and Relocate both people and communities.

​Hedges and Highway Outreach Movement is unusual in outreach as outreach missionaries serve the nations through transformational services and a global partnership of hope.  As a family, the active H and H Global Missionaries (Faith- based) and H and H Co-Workers (Non-Faith based) form one body that serves the people in the field. 

How are H and H Global Missionaries Paid?
To become a full-time missionary staff member of H and H involves not only meeting the standards for staff, but also completely raising funds to cover the financial needs of your personal ministry.

Hand H Global Missionaries are full missionaries (Nationals) that are paid from Hedges and Highway Outreach Ministries, once the missionary’s support reaches the H and H office each month. 

  • Salaries raised by the missionary (1/2 of salaries are required to be raised before joining the staff of H and H as H and H Global Missionaries  are through the raising of complete support from their designated support teams.  These support teams send in monthly support to H and H Outreach Ministries and the missionary is paid from the monthly support that is given. 

  • Each missionary staff member, participates and is responsible for building a team of individuals and churches who work together to finance his or her ministry. (H and H will provide on going training and support to help you build your team). 

  •  Your partners can be anywhere across the nation and like the local church gives to the pastors so that they can serve the people, your support team will generously give to your ministry so you can serve as an H and H Global Missionary. Your support team will spend hours in prayer for you as well.  This is the foundation of all that we do and your ministry must be covered in prayer.  Your support teams will be trained to understand how important not only their financial commitments are for you but most importantly their prayer commitments. This funding strategy for H and H Global Missionaries is critical for two reasons.

  1.  As a non-profit organization, H and H has no central funding. 

  2. This type of support raising allows H and H to have the missionaries that are needed to work this ministry. 

With such a large vision given to H and H from God himself, the fields of harvest and the work to be done in the field of outreach is endless.  It is the H and H Global Missionary that is responsible for moving this vision forward across the world.  The amount of workers needed for this task is could not be supported by central funding, therefore God calls our faith based side of H and H to be mainly run and led by our missionaries.

A complete training and assistance program is conducted for the H and H Global Missionaries to ensure success in raising their support so they can serve God and the people without restrictions.  H and H Global Missionaries serve in all areas of field work including H and H Life Centers and community enterprises. They are sent to where the needs are greatest and may be serving in areas that are not local to them or that are not their first or second choices. 

H and H Global Missionaries lead outreach efforts, recruit, train and manage H and H Co-Worker Volunteers (Faith-Based Volunteers) and the H and H Life Center Homes that serve the needs of the people.  H and H Global Missionaries have complete coverage of health and life insurance (that is a result of their support teams) for themselves and their families. 

H and H Global Missionaries can serve:

  • Short-term assignments of 1 year 

  • Long term-assignments of 3 year

  •  Terms can be renewed at the term end provided the missionary is wanting to stay with H & H and their terms of service have had a positive track record with H & H. 

How are staff member's salary determined?

  • The salaries of H and H Global Missionaries are determined only by the Board of Directors and an outside accounting firm. 

  • Determining factors include cost of living for each mission area, age, number of children. In addition, a staff member may raise funds for a retirement plan. 

  • All missionary salary determinations are reviewed and approved every 6 months by the President/Chairman of the Board and the Founder of H & H. 

  • Extreme circumstances for special requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the President/Chairman of the Board and Founder of H and H.

Typical Annual Support salaries are listed:
·         Average Short-Term ( 1 year)  Missionary Single Monthly Compensation: $2692.00
·         Average Long-Term (3 Year) Missionary Single Monthly Compensation: $2923.00
·         Average Short-term (1 year ) Missionary Family Compensation: $5295.00
·         Average Long-Term (3 Year) Missionary Family Compensation: $5500.00
Comprehensive Medical and Dental:

  • After 90 days of service, medical benefits are provided by H & H.

    • This healthcare plan includes coverage for prescription drugs, dental care, chiropractic visits, counseling and much more.

    • Wellness program available for H & H Global Missionaries.

  • After 90 days, retirement benefits are available to all H and H Global Missionaries.

  • After a year of service, to help staff members build a financial foundation for their lives after 65, H and H has a 403(b) plan that staff may make voluntary contributions to through their paychecks, and H and H makes a monthly contribution to it as well.

  • After 90 days, group life Insurance is available.

  • After 90 days, a generous basic life insurance program is offered for all H and H Global Missionaries.

  • After 90 days, disability coverage is available.

    • H and H provides long-term disability coverage after 90 days.

  • Available immediately, worker's compensation is available H and H Global Missionaries.

  • In the event of a job-related injury, we provide worker's compensation.

  • Available immediately, paid vacation and holidays available immediately.

    • H and H recognizes eight paid holidays per year.  Each staff member receives two weeks of vacation a year once they report to their ministry assignment.

    • Additional weeks of vacation are also earned with tenure.

H and H Missionaries Show the H and H Mission to the World:
The foundation and mission of H and H Global Missionary Movement is to demonstrate an unquenchable passion for loving people as human beings with uncommon kindness.  These two pillars of passion and kindness define the love in which H and H Global Missionaries serve in every community and city in the world.  Through the efforts of loving people with passion and kindness, H & H Missionaries seek to restore peace (holistic restoration) through mission based outreach based on the Scripture of Isaiah 61:1-8.  H & H is committed go outside the walls of any organization, to reach the people.  An H and H Global Missionary is an agent of God’s love to the forgotten, the marginalized, the outcast and the unlovable.  An H & H Global Missionary is the voice to the voiceless, the hope of the hopeless and eyes of God to see the unseen.  H & H Global Missionaries represent the very heart of God, active warriors, fit in body, mind and spirit to reclaim the people with the truth of how God loves them.  The H & H Global Missionary will tread any territory to bring God’s message of freedom, restoration and favor to the people. (Isaiah 61:1-8). God’s message of a love that understands and goes beyond human comprehension is conveyed by the H & H Global Missionary in their work and life.

The H and H Global Missionary:
H and H Global Missionaries are radical in that the goal is to reconcile people and communities with love, caring and hospitality.  The special mission of the H and H Global Missionary is to work for those that are pushed to the sidelines in any community.  By seeking to transform the lives of all types of at-risk men, women and youth, H and H Missionaries provide life and paths for people to become reconciled in hope, transformed in resources, and productive citizens in their communities. 

H and H Missionaries feed the hungry: not only with perishable food, but also with the spiritual food of love and kindness; give drink to the thirsty: not only water, but also knowledge, truth, justice, peace, love and joy; clothe the naked: not only with a piece of cloth, but also with human dignity; give shelter to the homeless: not providing only a house made of bricks, but a heart which understands, protects, and loves; visit the prisoners, not only those behind bars but those imprisoned in society that are in their own prisons of addiction, sickness, poverty, mental illness in mind and spirit; serve those who live in solitude, the aged, the abandoned, the unwanted, the unloved, the shut-ins, those who live in despair and the shadow of death; reconcile those who experience being deprived of their natural rights, the refugees, those who are considered inferior or who are mistreated because of the color of their skin, their culture, their status, their religion, or their nationality.
The vocation of H and H Missionaries are to be God’s heart without presumptuous attitudes toward the poor, but go to them as witnesses of Jesus Christ, to communicate God's love.  H and H Missionaries will make a whole-hearted effort to know and understand  the existence of the poor in the communities we serve and understand their needs and problems; render immediate and concrete help to those in need in building on the H & H way, using every capacity made available to them; honestly listen to the people with understanding and concern; to have a disposition of love and hospitality for those who are alone and homeless; To not impose faith or force belief, but be very humble and courteous in their way of dealing with their neighbor, demonstrating God’s unconditional love to people rather than preaching at people; committing to not engage in arguments, quarrels, or unnecessary discussions that could cause division , to not rely or become  anxious to see the fruits of their own work, but do everything they can trusting solely in the will of God; to not accept or initiate works which are not in harmony with the nature and the purpose of the H and H Outreach Movement.

The call of the H and H Global Missionary is to labor for the reconciling of souls to the living God wherever they may be all over the world.  H and H Global Missionaries are a part of a global apostolate committed to serving wherever the need is and wherever they are sent.  Members of this active missionary apostolate love and serve God in the disguise of the poor, the homeless, the mentally ill, the suffering, the incarcerated, the abandoned, the elderly, the addicted, the dying.  The members of the global missionary apostolate seek to feed, clothe and shelter the homeless and abandoned; caring for the unwanted, the unloved and the desperate; participate in community relief and restorative work and seek to reconcile people and communities using their own natural gifts and talents in ministry within the H and H Global Missionary Apostolate to build up and not tear down, the welfare of human beings. 

Aid Church Co-Workers (Faith based volunteers) 

The H and H Aid Church Co-Workers are faith based volunteer workers sent from each community area in which the H and H Life Centers operate. Once Hedges and Highway Outreach Movement begins to select a community at risk to rebuild, the H and H Aid Church Co-Workers serve alongside H and H Global Missionaries on a part-time basis only.

H and H Aid Church Co-Workers are trained to learn the “H and H Way” to reconcile people and communities & redistribute resources to with the purpose of teaching outreach and to serve people together in their communities for complete transformation.

Volunteer Candidates to become an H and H Aid Church Co-Worker must be:

  • Sufficiently mature to adopt the “H and H Way of Life”.

  • Guided by a right intention.

  • Healthy in body and mind, therefore able to bear the hardships of this special mission.

  • Able to acquire the knowledge required to serve the people and each other as an H and H Aid Church Co-Worker.

  •  Of a cheerful disposition.

  • Able to exercise sound judgment.

  • Full of common sense.

Volunteer Candidates will be encouraged to have completed their high school education or GED and to come and serve for 2 weeks in a “Come and See” Experience. Please contact H and H Outreach Movement Headquarters.

Hedges & Highway Global Missionaries

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