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Abe A. Andrea

Abe was born and raised in Malawi and later at the age of 21 in the year 2014 he moved to Cape Town. Since the time of his birth until this very day, he has always carried a burden on his heart and that is to see the disadvantaged people who are poverty and purposeless driven to live a fulfilled life. At the age of 5 it is said that he walked to his mother who at the time was doing her laundry and said to her "Mother, when I grow up I want to help in the transformation of lives around the world". His call is expressed in JOHN 18:37"To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world".

In the year 2018, he later founded a non-profit organization (HOME OF ACCESS ORGANISATION) in South Africa, city of Cape Town. An organization that helps the disadvantaged people by identifying and nurturing their passions and skills, so they can be able to create their own income streams (entrepreneurship) or get a job. Abe believes that every person is born with a unique gift of some kind and only if we can listen to every person and nurture them, they can shape the future, our future!

He felt a call into ministry and serve as a Pastor in the year 2017, through guidance and prayers he started his Diploma course in Theology. Although he is not a full time Pastor and never has been in any Church, he is mostly found preaching and sharing the word of God whenever and wherever the Spirit leads him. Currently he is helping in the establishment of his close friend`s ministry through deeds and the preaching of the Word of God. His friend`s ministry called HOUSE OF PRAYER MINISTRIES is based in Khayelitsha, Cape Town.

The year 2020 seems a great and thrilling year for Abe! After been appointed by Hedges and Highway Outreach Ministries Inc board, he will start in January 2020 to work as a Director of H & H in South Africa and also helping with the project of building schools in the country of Malawi. He strongly believes that H & H is a great initiative that will transform many lives not in South Africa alone but in Africa as a continent.

Abe is currently working on writing his first book which he has titled THE POWER OF BEING ALONE (SOLITUDE). He says we are now living in the most busiest, noisy and crowded world than any other time in the history of this world. And his conviction that if a person wants to find meaning and purpose in life, then they must master the art of being alone. God is alone and He says in PSALM 82:6 "You are gods, and all of you are the children of the most High" but it`s vital to understand that only when we have embraced solitude that`s when we come to God`s level and operate as gods. You will see all through the scriptures that God used solitude as a way of raising giants. By God`s grace he will be publishing his book in the year 2020!


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